JonBenét Ramsey Crime Scene Photos

JonBenét Ramsey Autopsy Photos Shown Below

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  • Top: The rope around her neck
  • Bottom: Broken paintbrush handle attached to ligature

  • Top: Removed rope around wrists
  • Bottom: Rope still attached to wrist

  • Red ink line art drawing on left palm

  • Filigree ring on middle finger of right hand

  • Right side of JonBenét's face

  • Right side of face and bruising on neck.

  • Front of neck depicting the unusual unidentified mark

  • Back of neck after removal of ligature

  • Photo depicts unidentified marks on left side

  • Eight inch fissure where her skull was crushed like an eggshell

  • Both hands, side by side

  • Enlargement of unusual mark on right side of face

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