Unborn baby boy of Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate-Polanski

This little guy never had a chance

With only days until her due date, Sharon was undoubtedly thinking that the birth of her baby would be the ultimate bliss. Everything would finally be perfect...

Of course, she would never have the chance to find out.


Little Angel In His Mother's Arms


Golden winged baby,

Eyes shut tight...

Shielding him from the horror,

And the evil that night.


Begging and pleading,

For his life and hers;

Cold hearted monsters...

...Wickedness at it's worst


Little baby boy sleeping,

In Mommy's arms he lays.

Forever safe in HEAVEN,

At peace in every way.

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CrimeShots © cares about victims. Oftentimes, after a murder is committed, the killer is arrested and all the attention suddenly focuses solely on him/her. The victim is soon forgotten. Most of us know the names of many notorious killers, however, it is quite likely that we could name only a very few of their victims. To forget them is heartbreaking, especially for their families.


--May We Remember The Victims--


--May They All Rest In Peace-

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